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we are about unconditional love.

Our BAU GULA KIT is our starter pack to help pet owners and animal carers on their quest to achieve optimal health for their animal friends

(Gula was a Sumerian deity known as Bau (or Baba), goddess of dogs.  

Gula is the Babylonian goddess of healing and patroness of doctors, healing arts, and medical practices)

A world first exploration and discovery experience that creates moments of happiness & precious memories with your beloved pets.

Unique, unspoiled, sustainable and naturally sourced Australian ingredients; supporting everyone from our farmers, coastal hippies and remote indigenous communities

Three different flavours to satisfy the sweet, the savoury and the curious delivered to your front door. 

Three HUMAN GRADE and scientifically proven supplement FORMULAS:

Pre & Probiotics that will encourage and maintain a healthy digestive system. Its where all the action happens and when it gets cranking, your furry friend will be healthier inside and out. 

Joint Bone & Muscle Formula that will enhance and maintain healthy joints, bones and muscles in your fur-baby. Its the best way to keep them from walking around like ol'nana nancy.

Skin, Coat and Cardiovascular Formula that promotes healthy skin, a shiny coat and a kick a$$ ticker to keep the juices flowing around like the Murray river. Bob's your uncle!


and receive 20% off your first purchase!